Compact Goniophotometer

Product No: LSG-1200A

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The compact goniophotometer of LSG-1200A is used to measure the luminous intensity distribution curve, intensity data, spread angle and other parameters for Chip LED, LED Module, LED Spotlight and all other light which beam angle is no more than 180 degree.

Option Function: The LSG-1200A can work with a Digital Power Meter (LS2012 DC & AC Power Meter or LS2010 Harmonic Analyzer) and LSP-500VA AC Power Source.

鈥 Meets the requirements of IEC, CIE and LM-79 standards
鈥 Measures beam angle automatically: staple half intensity angle as well as 1/4 intensity angle, 3/4 intensity angle and 1/10 intensity angle which meets the special requirements.
鈥 Measured data is matched with international standard form (IES) and can be applied for lighting design by other lighting design software such as DiaLux
鈥 LSG-1200A has included a dark room, measures the maximum size of lamps: 180mm
鈥 Test range of luminosity: 0.1锝30,000lx. Test accuracy of detector: Class 1
鈥 The distance between the tested lamp and detector is 316mm/1000mm
鈥 Angle interval: Horizontal angle: 1掳/5掳/10掳/15掳/22.5掳/30掳/45掳/90掳, Vertical angle: 0.5掳/2掳/1.5掳
鈥 The LSG-1200A horizontal automatic rotating on 0掳~360掳 and Vertical automatic rotating on -90掳~+90掳
鈥 Test accuracy of angle: 卤0.2掳
Work with the follow instruments as a System