Temperature Rise Tester

Product No: WS-1

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It is designed and manufactured according to IEC884锛1, GB2099.1-2008 and other relevant standard of electrical accessories.

Applied to test electrical accessories heating conditions when connected to load current, whether the temperature rise of electrode is compliance with standard requirement or not. And it can effectively detect whether the plug bush is slants thin and whether plug and socket cooperated with all right.

This equipment consists of current adjustment control part and temperature sampling measurement part.

鈥 Output current: AC 0~100A (0.5class);
鈥 Temperature range: 0~100鈩 卤1鈩
鈥 Measuring point: 8 locations
鈥 Power supply: AC220V 50Hz 5A
鈥 Instrument preheating time: approx.15 min.