6 Position Plug Socket Switch Life Tester

6 Position Plug Socket Switch Life Tester

Product No: CZKS-6

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It is designed according to terms and conditions of IEC60884-1, IEC60669-1, GB2099.1-2008 and GB16915.1-2003, for life test of plug and socket and switch products of household and similar use appliances.

The device can connect with matched load cabinet, in order to conduct a test of electrical life, normal operation and breaking capacity.

The equipment provide some clamp, it can test plug and socket production, wall switch, rocker switch, dial plate switch and button switch.

鈥 Gas source: 4锝6kg/cm2
鈥 Control mode: PLC process control/touch screen display
鈥 Turn-on time: 0锝99.9s (min) adjustable
鈥 Test cycle time: 0锝99s adjustable
鈥 Counter: 0锝99999 times, can preset
鈥 Station: 6 (increase or decrease stations can be customized)
鈥 The equipment will stop working automatically when testing times reach preset value in the process of test.
鈥 Failure condition of plug and socket can be intelligent identified and at the current time stop working , alarm and show the time of problem in time;
鈥 Working power supply: AC 220V 50Hz 5A

Note: The device should work with matched air compressor, please provide for yourself.