Adjustable Resistance Ballast

Product No: RB-3

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[prisna-wp-translate-show-hide behavior=”hide”] [/prisna-wp-translate-show-hide]RB-3 is designed according to the following standard requirements: IEC 60929 (GB/T15144), double-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60081 (GB/T10682) and the single-ended fluorescent lamp adoptting the IEC 60901 (GB/T17262)

The RB-3 works with HFP-800 (High Frequency Power Supply聽) and LPS-3 (Auxiliary Power Supply) to be an IEC Standard Test System which used to test the Frequency Fluorescent Lamp such as T5 Tube, please click here to learn the more details

鈥⒙燗vailable current range: 0~0.700A
鈥⒙營mpedance range: 100~2047惟
鈥⒙營mpedance tolerance range: 卤0.5% (Under calibration current). 卤1% (Any current between 50% calibration current)
鈥⒙燱ithin the range of impedance: series inductance of impedance is less than 0.1mH, parallel connection capacitance is less than 1nF

High Frequency Fluorescent Lamp Test System