Current Transformer Tester

Current Transformer Tester

Product No: HTCT-300

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鈥⒙燜ull-featured, can not only satisfy various CT (eg: protection, measurement and TP category) but also PT type electromagnetic unit for its excitation characteristics (ie voltage current characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, ratio deviation, angle deviation and other test requirements.
鈥⒙燗utomatically gives the knee point voltage / current, 10% (5%) error curve, accurate limit factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), secondary time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr), saturated and unsaturated inductance CT, PT parameter.
鈥⒙燭he equipment is according to IEC60044-1 (GB1208), 聽IEC60044-6 (GB16847), GB1207 and other transformer standards. Moreover, it can automatically select the standards for testing in accordance with the type and level of transformers.
鈥⒙燘ased on the advanced low-frequency testing theory, it is able to cope with the CT test which inflection point is up to 30KV.
鈥 Elegant appearance with English graphical interface.
鈥 The device can store 2000 groups of test data which won鈥檛 be lost when power is cut off. Customers can use U disk to import the data into the PC after test, and use software for data analysising, and also can export reports as WORD for application.
鈥⒙燭esting is simple and convenient, one click to complete the test of CT straight resistance, excitation, ratio and polarity. Besides external load test, other tests such as CT all apply the same wiring.
鈥⒙燛asy to carry, total weight is less than 9kg.

鈥⒙燩ower: AC220V 卤10%, 50Hz
鈥⒙燤easurement: Protection type CT/PT
鈥⒙燨utput: 0~180Vrms, 12Arms, 36A (peak value)
鈥⒙燗ccuracy of testing voltage: 卤0.2%
鈥⒙燙T ratio test range: 1~30000, accuracy: 卤0.2%
鈥⒙燩T ratio test range: 1-10000, accuracy: 卤0.2%
鈥⒙燩hase measurement resolution: 0.5min, accuracy: 卤5min
鈥⒙燬econdary winding resistance test range: 0~300惟, accuracy: 2% 卤2m惟
鈥⒙燗C load test range: 0~300VA, accuracy: 2% 卤0.2VA
鈥⒙燱orking environment: temperature: 锛10鈩 锝 40鈩, humidity 鈮90%, altitude 鈮1000m
鈥⒙燬ize and weight: 410mm 脳 250mm 脳 300mm, 鈮10kg