DC Electronic Load

Product No: M9822/M9822B

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M9822/M9822B is newly designed circuit adopts rapid AD and DA technology to achieve rapid measurements with high accuracy. And the resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA can effectively display the minor change of voltage and current, so the instrument has a wider application field and achieves better test results. Meanwhile your operation becomes much more comfortable and easy by equipping the high-light VFD, the simple menu and displayed contents and the operation state indicators on all keys. Otherwise the complete and humanized test functions will greatly improve your productivity.

The new CR-LED test mode can be a real simulation of LED light features set by the increase in the diode turn-on voltage, fully simulate the working principle of the diode, so that the test voltage and current to achieve a normal and stable value, to avoid the traditional fixed resistor modeunder voltage and current instability or shock, the real reflect the LED drive power load situation.

The new series electronic load meets the experimental research requirements of product research and the test requirements of production line for industries such as LED-drive power, switch power, power transformer, charger, storage battery.

鈥nput voltage: 0~150V(M9822) or 0~500V(M9822B); Input current: 1mA~30A; Input power: 300W
鈥R-LED measurement mode, fully simulate the load characteristics of LED power
鈥igh-light and high-visibility VFD display
鈥igh resolution of 0.1mV and 0.1mA
鈥est functions of OCP and OPP can accurately capture critical parameters
鈥odes of CC, CV, CR, CP
鈥attery test mode can automatically record the discharge time and the capacity
鈥he dynamic transition time of 0.1mA can effectively detect the power dynamic response.
鈥ist test can flexibly set test mode and time and finally judge the test result
鈥emote test function and multiple groups of data storage