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Product No: DSCD-901

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Basic Introduction

DSCD-901 is a high performance spectrophotometer with test caliber sideward. The instrument adopts the geometric conditions of D/8 lighting and observation of CIE recommendations, integration of the full band LED composite light source, double beam optical system, ETC every-time calibration technology, spectral reflectance standard deviation within 0.08, maximum of colorimetric values 螖E*ab is 0.03, to provide all the necessary color formula. It could be widely used for coating, printing, textile, meet plastic, food, medicine, automobile field to meet customers鈥 measurement requirement.

Brief Introduction

  • Side color measurement
  • D\8 Structure
  • Can Measure SCI and SCE at the same time
  • ETC Technology (Every Test Calibration)
  • Color Analysis Software

Technical Data

Type DSCD-901
Illumination d/8 (Diffused lighting, 8 degrees observe angle) (conform to CIE No.15銆両SO 7724/1銆丄STM E1164銆丏IN 5033 Teil7銆丣IS Z8722 Condition standards)
Size of integrating sphere 桅40mm, Avian diffused reflection surface coating
Illumination Light source CLEDs (entire wavelength balanced LED light source)
Sensor dual light path sensor array
Wavelength range 400-700nm
Wavelength interval 10nm
Half spectral width 5nm
Reflectivity range 0-200%
Reflectivity resolution 0.01%
Observation angle 2掳/10掳
Measurement light source A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, DLF, TL83, TL84, NBF, U30, CWF
Data being displayed SPD distribution/data, sample’s color values, color difference values/graph, pass/fail results, color error tendency, color simulation, display measurement area, history data color simulation, manual input standard sample, generate measurement report
Measurement time About 1 second
Measurement time interval 0.5 second
Measuring caliber 桅11mm
Color space CIE-L*a*b, L*C*h, L*u*v, XYZ, Yxy, reflectivity, Hunterlab, Munsell MI, CMYK, RGB, HSB
Color difference formulas 螖E*ab, 螖E*CH, 螖E*uv, 螖E*cmc (2:1), 螖E*cmc (1:1), 螖E*94, 螖E*00, 螖Eab (Hunter), color classification
Other colorimetric indices WI (ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube Berger Stensby), YI (ASTM D1925, ASTM E313-00, ASTM E313-73), Tint (ASTM E313, CIE,Ganz), metamerism index Milm, adhesive/changing color fastness, ISO luminance, 8 gloss, A density, T density, E density, M density
Repeatability light splitting reflectivity: standard deviation within 0.08%
color values: 螖E*ab <=0.015 (After calibration, standard deviation of 30 measurements on test white board, 5 second intervals), Maximum: 0.03
Battery capacity rechargeable, 20000 continuous tests, 7.4V/6000mAh
Interface USB
Data storage 40000 test results
Light source longevity 5 years, 1.5 million tests
Inter-instrument agreement 螖E*ab within 0.2 (BCRA color charts II, average of the 12 charts)
Size 350*300*200mm (L*W*H)
Weight 4.5kg
Display 5 inches True color screen
Work temperature range 0~45鈩, relative humidity 80% or below (at 35掳C), no condensation
Storage temperature range -25鈩 to 55鈩, relative humidity 80% or below (at 35掳C), no condensation
Standard accessories AC power line, operating manual, color management software, drive software, electronic operating manual, color management guide, USB cable, black/white calibration tube, protection cover, electronic color charts, measurement and test report
Optional accessories powder molding device, 40*10 cuvette
Color matching system Matches
UV light source without