Digital Torsion Meter

Product No: CH338

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Digital Torsion Meter is mostly applied to measure the torque of all kinds of luminaries lamp cap. The CH338 is a newly developed intelligent product with microprocessor built-in.

鈥 Range: 0~10N鈥; Accuracy 鈮1%
鈥 Repeatability 鈮0.5%FS; Over loading: 120%FS
鈥 It can measure the clockwise and anti-clockwise torque of lamp cap and it can preset upper limit alarm. The data won鈥檛 be lost after shutting down the instrument.
鈥 Instrument is convenient to be used because it has several mating clamps of various lamp caps such as E27/E26, B22d, E14/E12, G13/G5 and so on.