Fluorescent Lamp Asymmetric Pulse Tester

Product No: UI2002C

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UI2002C is designed according to the latest update in IEC 61347-2-3 about the test requirements for local rectifying effects on tubes. It imitates the condition when tube is under local rectifying status and tests the abnormal protection function of ballast by adopting fluorescent lamp asymmetry pulse test method with 3 windows for displaying rectified voltage, rectified current, and rectified power. It is easy for operation and with high test accuracy.
鈥⒙燤easure lamp voltage, lamp current , average and total power of lamp.
鈥⒙燣amp voltage range: 10~300V
鈥⒙燣amp current range: 10mA~1.0A
鈥⒙燣amp power range: 0.5~300W
鈥⒙燭olerance is 5%