High and Low Temperature & Low Pressure Chamber

High and Low Temperature & Low Pressure Chamber

Product No: LAP-100

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It is according to GB10590 / GB15091 low temperature / low pressure test chamber requirements; GB11159 low pressure test chamber requirements; GB / T2423. 25-1992 low temperature / low pressure integrated chamber requirement; GB / T2423. 26-1992 High temperature / low pressure integrated chamber requirement; GJB150. 2-86 low temperature / low pressure test etc standards. It鈥檚 used to test the In aviation, aerospace, information, electronics and other fields, to determine the instrumentation, Electrical products, materials, components, equipment etc.

Model LAP-100 LAP-250 LAP-500 LAP-010
Workroom (mm) 600*2.5*796 800*3*1003 1000*4*1019 1000*4*1274
Power 5.5 (KW) 8.0 (KW) 9.0 (KW) 11.0 (KW)
Performance Index Temperature Range A: -20鈩冿綖150鈩 B: -40鈩冿綖150鈩 C: -70鈩冿綖150鈩
Temperature Fluctuations 卤0.5鈩 (Normal Pressure, No-Load)
Temperature Uniformity 卤2鈩 (Normal Pressure, No-Load)
Temperature Deviation 卤3鈩 (Normal Pressure, No-Load)
Heating Rate 1.0锝3.0鈩/ min (No-Load)
Cooling Rate 0.7锝1.0鈩/ min (No-Load)
Pressure Range Normal Pressure锝0.5kPa
Pressure Deviation Normal Pressure锝40Kp: 卤1.8Kpa; 40Kp锝4Kpa: 卤4.5锛; 4Kp锝0.5KPa: 卤0.1Kpa
Buck Time 鈮60min (Normal Pressure锝0.5kPa)
Control System Controller Imported Color LCD Touch Screen
Accuracy Range Accuracy of temperature: temperature 0.1鈩, Indication Accuracy: temperature 0.1鈩
Temperature Sensor Platinum Resistance PT100惟/MV
Pressure Sensor Electronic Pressure Transmitter
Heating System Fully Independent System, Electrically Heated Nichrome Heater
Cooling System France “TECUMSEH” Fully Enclosed Air-cooled Single-stage / Refrigeration Compressor Cascade Mode
Circulatory System Temperature Resistance and Low-noise Air-conditioning Motors Multi-vane Centrifugal Wind Wheel
Materials of Chamber Outside materials of Chamber Quality Carbon Steel. Phosphate Electrostatic Spray Treatment / SUS304 Stainless Steel Matte Lines Hairline Treatment
Inside materials of Chamber SUS304 Quality Stainless Steel Mirror Light Board
Insulation Material Polyurethane Rigid Foam / Fine Glass Fiber Cotton
Door Insulation Double Resistant to High Temperature Aging Silicone Rubber Door Seal
Security Protection Leakage, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Motor Overheating, Over-Pressure Compressor, Overload, Over-Current Protection
Time setting Function 0.1锝999.9 (H銆丮銆丼) Adjustable
Input Power AC380V 卤10锛 50 卤0.5Hz 3Phase/5Wires
Ambient Temperature 5鈩冿綖锛30鈩 鈮85锛匯.H
Note: 1. The above figures are at ambient temperature (QT) 25 鈩. Under no-load conditions measured studio.
2. Can be customized non-standard high-low temperature and low pressure test chamber according to the customer’s specific requirements.