High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber

High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber

Product No: HLST-500D

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It can be used in the temperature shock test and fast-changing temperature test in a wide range such as aviation, air space, electronic components and material research. The High and Low Temperature Thermal Shock Chamber consists of three separate chambers: high temperature chamber, low temperature chamber and test chamber.

Operation Principles
The specimen is placed in test chamber specimen which cannot be placed in high temperature chamber or low temperature chamber. High temperature chamber pre-heats the air and low temperature air chamber pre-cools the air. When doing the test of temperature changing from high to low, the low temperature chamber will blow the pre-cooled air to the test chamber. Then, the air in test chamber will reach your target temperature in several minutes (“recover time”). When doing the test of temperature changing from low to high, the high temperature chamber will blow the pre-heated air to the test chamber. Then the air in test chamber will reach your target temperature within the recover time.

Main Technical Parameters
鈥 Test chamber size (D脳W脳H) 800脳800脳800 mm
鈥 External Size (D脳W脳H) 2500脳1580脳2200 mm
鈥 Temperature range in high temperature chamber: Ambient temperature 锝+150鈩
鈥 Temperature range in low temperature chamber: Ambient temperature 锝 -70鈩
鈥 Temperature deviation 鈮ぢ2鈩
鈥 Temperature fluctuation 鈮ぢ0.5鈩
鈥 Temperature range in test area -55锝 +100鈩
鈥 Temperature resuming time 鈮5 mins
鈥 Temperature Setting Accuracy 0.1 鈩
鈥 Refrigerating Mode air cooling

Chamber Structure
鈥 External Material: BAO STEEL cold-rolled electrostatic sprayed steel plate
鈥 Test Area Material: ThyssenKrupp SUS304 stainless steel plate
鈥 Insulation material: Superfine glass wool, at least 100mm thick
鈥 Window: An electroplate heating vacuum frost-proof glass window on the door
鈥 Illumination: Domestically-made illumination lights
鈥 Door: Single-door, flat handlebars
鈥 Door seal: Freeze & high temperature resistant door seal
鈥 Test/wire hole: a 褎50mm stainless steel wire hole together with a lid on the wall of test chamber
鈥 Water Outflow: Hole There is a water outflow hole at the bottom

Refrigerating System
鈥 Refrigerating compressor: TECUMSEH totally-closed hermetic compressor imported from France; mechanical refrigeration
鈥 Refrigerant: R404a and R23 refrigerant
鈥 Refrigerating mode: Air-cooling
鈥 Condenser: Domestically-made plate-type dipole condenser
鈥 Other refrigerating components: expansion relief valve, electromagnetic control valve, drying filter, pressure controller, oil separator

Heating System
鈥 Controller of the heater: SSR solid-sate relay
鈥 Heater: Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire, and electric relay with over-heat protection

Air-circulation System
鈥 Air circulation mode: Compulsory air circulation and Balance
鈥 Blower: Stainless steel long-axial fan

Controlling System
鈥 Controller: LCD-touch screen intellectual programmable temperature controller
鈥 Imported from South Korea with PID function that automatically corrects deviation
鈥 Controller language: English and digits
鈥 Display of controller: temperature deviation, system parameters, program curve, operating time, Status of the heater鈥︹
鈥 Setting Accuracy: Temperature: 0.1 鈩 Time: 1min
鈥 Operating mode: Automatic programmable and Manual constant
鈥 Program volume: 1锝120 programs, no more than 1200steps, each step has 99 hour 59mins, each program can be linked, Each program can cycle for 999 times
鈥 Maximum test data and storage time: 10 years

Measuring System
鈥 Temperature sensor: Pt100platinum electric resistance
鈥 Other controlling components: SCHNEIDER, OMRON, DELIXI or SIEMENS AC contactor, thermal, overload relays, intermediate relay, signal and switch, breaker