Magnetic Field Generator

Product No: PFM61000-8A

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PFM61000-8A Magnetic Field Generator is high reliability test equipment with stable performance, specially designed for electrical and electronic products for measuring immunity characteristics and requirements of normal frequency magnetic fields. It provides an accurate basis for the tested equipment in the immunity test of normal frequency magnetic field. The generator can imitate the magnetic field environments such as residential, commercial, industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, as well as middle and high substation. It fully meets IEC61000-4-8 and GB / T17626.8 standards.

鈥⒙燣CD display, built-in computer for controlling, easy to operate.
鈥⒙燜reely set the time of current injection and interval, and the time of test.
鈥⒙營ntelligently acquire current, voltage and magnetic field strength, all the parameters will be showed on the LCD display.
鈥⒙燤agnetic field coil: 1 square meter (others can be customized)
鈥⒙燤agnetic field strength: 0A / m ~ 1000A / m continuously adjustable
鈥⒙燨utput Current: AC
鈥⒙燭he time of test: 999 times
鈥⒙燭est of interval: 1 ~ 99min
鈥⒙燙urrent injection time: 1s to 99min
鈥⒙燙urrent distortion rate: <5%
鈥⒙燱ork mode (current range for continuous working): 1A ~ 100A
鈥⒙燱ork mode (current range for short-time working): >100A ~ 500A, 1 ~ 5s, >500A ~ 1000A, 1 ~ 3s
鈥⒙燤ethods of operation: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
鈥⒙燩ower supply: AC220V 50/60Hz
鈥⒙燱orking environment temperature: 15掳C-35掳C