Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics

Multifunctional Immunity Test System For Automotive Electronics

Product No: EMS-ISO7637

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EMS-ISO7637 automotive multifunctional immunity test system meet newest ISO7637-2 requirement of<Road Vehicles – Conductive Coupling Electrical Interference – Part 2 Electrical Transient Conductivity Tests for Power Lines>. This standard was issued by international organization for standardization, and this system included all of ISO-7637 required test waveform and meet most of automotive manufacturer’s requirement for automotive electronic immunity test.

Technical Characteristics:
鈥 This system included all of ISO-7637-2: 201 standard required test waveform.
鈥 Operate screen: Adopted with big colorful LCD tocuch screen and application with main module expand technology architecture design.
鈥 Designed for 12V/24V automotive electronic immunity test.
鈥 Built-in various host interfaces and can work with LISUN developed software together to communicate with PC.
鈥 The software has included all relevant test standards option, customers can add freely and update by themselves.

System Configuration:
鈥 LIS-7600: Control host of immunity test system
鈥 LIS-7610: P1 and P2a waveform generator
鈥 LIS-7630: P3a and P3b waveform generator
鈥 LIS-7620: P2b and P4 waveform generator
鈥 Transient conduct, emission electromagnetic interference test