Programmable Withstanding Voltage & Insulation Test

Programmable Withstanding Voltage & Insulation Test

Product No: LS9923

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LS9923 programmable withstanding voltage & insulation test system is high-performance testing device special for AC&DC Withstanding Voltage and Insulation Resistance Test, It allows setting the output voltage. The warning value,testing time and some other parameters can be set in the screen.It with a variety of automatic test functions. The testing is quick and high accuracy which is not only applied in the production line but also in the develop research.

 Withstanding Voltage  Output Voltage Range  AC/DC Max 5.00KV
 Output Voltage Accuracy  ± (2%+3bits)
 Breakdown Current Range  AC/DC: 0.10~12mA
 Test time  0~999.9s
 Output Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
 Insulation Resistance  Output Voltage Range  DC Max 1.00KV
 Output Voltage Accuracy  ± (2%+3bits)
 Insulation Resistance Range  1.0~2000MΩ
 Insulation Resistance Accuracy  ± (5%+3bits) <100MΩ and ± (10%+5bits) >100MΩ
 Test Time  0~999.9s