Three Loop Antenna

Product No: VVLA-30M

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The three loop antenna聽VVLA-30M聽聽is a standard measurement antenna according to CISPR15-2005/GB17743-2007 standard <Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of electrical lighting and similar equipment>, it can work with LISUN聽EMI-9KA / EMI- 9KB EMI Receiver System for EUT magnetic field radiation measurement between X, Y and Z planes. The antenna measurement is accurate, switch conveniently and it can completely replace imported products.

鈥 The VVLA-30M already includes the calibrate set;
鈥⒙燜requency range: 9KHz ~30MHz;聽It can switch between X, Y and Z planes;
鈥⒙燭he sensor coefficient of current probe is 0dB;聽Impedance: 50惟/BNC;
鈥⒙燫ing diameter: 2m;聽No need to move EUT or loop during measurement process;
鈥⒙燗ntenna has been calibrated in the factory by placing calibration dipole antenna in the center of the antenna; users can also use it for recalibration.
Work with the follow instruments as a System